Frequently asked questions

How many products can I include in a package deal?

Typically, only one. If you have several different products you would like shot, you can order single shots at à la carte pricing. We do offer discount pricing for bulk orders. Our package deals are designed to create photos for a single product listing. Some products have several components and you will need shots of each component. That's fine - that is part of the package deal. The one exception to our "single product package policy" is if you have a product with variations, e.g. lipstick that comes in 4 different colors. We can shoot color variations as part of a package deal.

Can I add additional shots or services onto a package?

Yes. You can order additional images or infographics along with a package. Additional images shot on white will be billed at a bulk rate, counting the other white shots in the package as part of the total, e.g. if you order a package that includes 6 shots on white, and you order 1 more shot on white, that shot will not be billed at the regular single image price; it will be billed at a discounted price, as though part of a group of 7 images.

Do you offer expedited service?

If our schedule allows, we can offer expedited orders. It will depend largely on what your needs are for the shoot, and what resources we need to prepare, such as talent and props. Small orders are generally easier to expedite than large orders. Pricing will also be based on the requested speed and the resources required to pull it off in that time frame. In short, let us know your requested time frame, and we will let you if it's possible to rush that job and at what price.

What counts as an oversized item?

We consider anything longer than 24" in any dimension as oversized. Oversized products require us to shoot on a larger set, and generally take more time to complete. Additional fees apply to oversized items.

Why does it cost more to shoot watches and jewelry?

Highly reflective and transparent materials are more difficult to shoot. And given the luxurious nature of some of these items, we try to pay special attention to the details and really make these photos sing. In short, we spend more time shooting these items and bill accordingly.

Does it cost extra to have a hand in the shot?

Yes. For regular shots on white, it costs an extra $5 to add a hand into the shot. If you have a preference for a male or female hand model, please specify in the art direction. Final delivery of your images may be delayed a few days depending on who is available to hand model on your shoot day.

Does it cost extra to have a model in the shot?

Yes. We schedule a model once a week for shoots. If you need a model in a photo, type yes under "Model in shot?". Then describe your vision in the art direction. If you prefer a male or a female model in your shot, please specify in the art direction. Due to the fact that we do not have model in house daily, your final delivery date for images may need to be pushed back until we have completed your model shot. For a shot on white, it costs an extra $25 per image to have a model. For styled shots and infographics, we will quote you a custom price based on what is required to achieve your shot.





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